Changing lives, one child's spine at a time.

What is changing the outcome of someone's life worth? Can we put a price tag on something like this? The reality is that most people raise their children with the best intentions. When they find their child faces a health crisis, they turn to a system that sends them to multiple appointments and sometimes they find little relief. Unfortunately, the possibility of a cure can't be promised but becomes the carrot dangled in front of a desperate, tired, concerned parent. How many children suffer endlessly with ear infections, nasal congestion, adenoid problems, speech difficulties, developmental delays, and behavioral concerns, statistically, though I don't have the numbers, we can all be certain is more than we'd like. What about a child that suffers from ALL of these health concerns? 

Is a cure possible? Can symptoms decrease enough to change their life? Does it have to involve medication? What about chiropractic care?

In 11 visits, chiropractic care was able to address these concerns in a 4 year old. Specifically, the "patient’s re-evaluation with ENT physician revealed resolution of otitis media with effusion, adenoid hypertrophy, nasal congestion, hearing loss and improvement of speech, development, and behavior. Patient had improved intervertebral motion in the upper cervical and upper thoracic spine." 

Though this is simply a case study, the outcomes were simply achieved but changed the complex symptoms and the life of a child tremendously. 

"I thought chiropractic care was just for back and neck pain." Don't worry, we've heard that too. We know better because these are the positive-life changing- benefits of having a healthy spine and nervous system taken care of by a well-trained-well-educated-giving doctor of chiropractic. You can find us here

Want to read the case study for yourself? Please, click here.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash